Release your horse from your bad habits!

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EquiPosture is a different way of thinking about your riding. It teaches you how to release yourself from unnecessary tensions and habits. You learn how to remove the blocks that prevent you and your horse from really making the progress that you know is possible. You learn to become more poised, released and centred, with the ease and balance of a natural rider.                                                                                                            



Sue Merry MSTAT

A Really Unique Combination of Talents

Sue Merry

Add a gold-standard BHSI to a gold standard Alexander Technique teacher

and the result is: EquiPosture!

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Riding into Stillness

Alison Craig

​Tel: 07 5050 108 91

EquiPosture Introduction Workshop with the Horse Simulator 

Sue and Alison introduce EquiPosture on the horse simulator. This is your chance to learn about EquiPosture and to meet Alison and Sue.You will also have an opportunity to ride the horse simulator while they work with you.

More about this and future workshops (Including our new EquiPosture Intermediate Workshop)

Date: Saturday 4th November

Time: 15.30 hrs - 17.00 hrs

LocationWimbledon Village Stables 

Cost: £25 

Limited to 6 participants. FOUR PLACES REMAINING


​ Alison Craig BHSI (Reg’d) UKCC3 (Dressage)

Unmounted Alexander Lessons

​Sue Merry MSTAT is now offering Alexander Lessons for riders, complete beginners and non-riders at Wimbledon Village Stables.

These lessons will not be using the horse simulator and are very competitively priced.

​Especially good for those with no previous experience of the Alexander Technique and for brand new riders hoping to learn to ride without any bad habits!

EquiPosture is based on the principles of the Alexander Technique uniquely adapted for riders and their horses. It is taught by a team of two innovative and hugely experienced teachers: Alison Craig BHSI (Reg’d) UKCC3 (Dressage) and Sue Merry MSTAT.

You can work with Sue and Alison individually and as a team. Tailor your own programme and be sure that we will guide and advise you every step of the way. 

Whatever you choose, get ready to make some changes!